Just a note concerning my experience with Clearview Resolution Services;
      From the message left in effort to contact me through initial and continuing contact with your agents, I could not have been accorded greater courtesy or consideration. Your agents treated me with dignity and respect; acknowledging life's difficulties and patiently working with me for a resolution. These young ladies made an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation better. I never was made to feel like a deadbeat. For this I am grateful.
- C.S from Louisville, KY 2/18/16

I appreciate your respectful & diligent service to an issue I had to deal with making it easy & comfortable to complete a business transaction!! My thoughts and prayers go out to you & your family both in business & in personal affairs!!
Thanks again!!
- B.S from Troy, TX 2/22/2016

Thank you guy’s soooo much the experience was incredibly great even though the error was somewhat on my part... The Miss Carolyn Capolla was extremely helpful and very nice! Thanks
- N.R from College Station, TX 4/19/16

I can’t thank you enough for the time and patience your staff took in helping resolve my case. I was treated like a person! Not a number! You do not often find offices that have a positive and professional demeanor and it was refreshing and a pleasure speaking to you!! A special thank you to Gabriel Gonzalez, he had me laughing and made me feel so much better even dealing with an unfortunate situation.
- R.T from San Jose, CA 6/23/16

My experience with Clearview Resolutions was very positive. They made it easy and helped me to navigate my account online in order to see the details of the complaint making it simple to resolve my issue. I spoke with Christian Thomas, he was very friendly and made me feel as though I was a person. Thank you for making an embarrassing situation easy to fix!
- S.A from Olive Branch, MS 7/23/16

I want to thank the staff at Clearview for making my experience a positive one. I appreciate the time and effort in helping me with the grant program. I would not been able to handle my matter with financial ease without it. Thank you again!
- F.T from Louisville, KY 9/10/16

I appreciate the way my situation was handled by Clearview Resolution. I was never made to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Thank you to Danielle Austin for being so patient with me, answering my many questions! She was incredibly informative, helping me to understand the importance of putting this daunting issue behind me!  
- J.S from Los Angeles, CA 11/16/16

Thank you, Clearview Resolutions for all of your financial counseling and support. Without the grants program I would have not been able to give my daughters a Christmas. Your organization and staff will be in our prayers.
God Bless.
- D.H from Jacksonville, FL 11/28/16

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