Our team of dedicated associates specializes in providing both consumer and client with dignity, respect, and professionalism. Each situation is carefully handled to cater to all parties in finding an amicable resolution for their specific financial needs.

Clearview Resolution Services develops a repayment program that will help you resolve your debt issues quickly and inexpensively. As part of our financial services, we aim to educate the public about the importance of collection agencies and the effects of debt in our current economy. We hope that consumers will have a better understanding of why it is important to pay back what they borrow.

We take several approaches to collecting a past due bill or NSF check. These guidelines range from an audit approach to soft, strong, action, attorney, and a final demand approach. The stages of the process include the following actions:
  • Our specialists review outstanding balances with the consumer
  • We place phone calls to make the debtor aware of the collection problem and that a third party is now involved
  • The debtor receives further phone calls to inform them that serious action will be taken if the debt is not resolved immediately
  • The debtor receives phone calls and correspondence
  • A collection attorney calls or makes a personal visit to assist in debt recovery
  • We make every attempt possible to collect the bad debt
When these approaches to collection fail to resolve the debt, legal action and litigation may be necessary. Our recovery specialists will consider suing the debtor to enforce repayment within legal boundaries. We partner with a network of law firms prepared to escalate demands for payment.
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