Clearview is a privately owned agency which specializes in negotiations between clients and consumers to reach a resolution that benefits both parties. We strive to create a better model for debt collection that works with our clients and the debtor to achieve repayment and fully settle debts.

Our team has a thorough understanding of the bad check resolution process and specializes in recovering what is owed by linking authorized ACH drafts or checks back to the verified account holder. We are cautious of plots for identity theft and therefore implement a process of thoroughly investigating the actual account holder and working to recover what is owed. In most cases, we are able to work with the consumer to develop reasonable payment plans to allow the consumer to voluntarily pay the full amount owed. We aim to avoid involving the legal system, but our legal division is prepared to take action when necessary. In cases where legal action cannot be avoided, our attorneys may pursue civil action against the consumers.

We emphasize integrity and treat all parties with respect, working together to provide credit help. We enforce a strict compliance with the law regarding debt collection. Our team undergoes continuous education regarding the rules regulating our industry to provide quality, dependable financial services.
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